Is it possible to do end-to-end testing with Javascript?

Yes Offcourse! Go through this article and find out about powerful, reliable & easy module

Most of the front-end developers are struggling to complete unit testing of the web applications. Actually what Front End Testing is, a testing technique in which Graphical User Interface (GUI), functionality, and usability of web applications or software are tested. The goal of Front end testing is testing overall functionalities to ensure the presentation layer of web applications or software is defect-free with successive updates.

Also, consider Apart from this Front-end developers testing is conducted for CSS Regression Testing, Changes to JS files that make the frontend non-functional, Performance checks, etc…

To conduct, various kinds of functionality there are a bunch of useful Frontend testing tools are used. Here are some of them are Cross-Browser Testing Tool: Lamda Test, JS testing tool: Jasmine, Functional testing tool: Selenium, CSS tool: Needle, etc…

But, front-end developers need to be aware following two primary challenges for any frontend testing tool-

  1. Test Automation requires plenty of effort at the initial stage. Therefore, it needs more time and effort.
  2. Test Tools may have some compatibility issues with Operating Systems and browsers.
  3. Front-end performance testing needs to check “How fast does page loads.”

So, to overcome all these challenges there is a module that can solve all front-end developers problems, named Cypress

It’s simple to install and with just in few clicks we can able to get the test results of our web application

npm install cypress

We as front-end developers can get a complete end-to-end testing experience with Cypress. Cypress enables you to write all types of tests:

Cypress can test anything that runs in a browser. It comes with built-in network traffic controls, test runner, dashboard, time travel, debuggability, automatic waiting, screenshots & videos, and most important cross-browser testing capabilities.

Finally to say! Try cypress today and have fun with javascript automation testing.

Happy Coding !! Cheers :)



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